Bedroom Ceiling Fans

When considering a ceiling fan for your bedroom, the primary priority is quiet operation for a good, comfortable night’s rest. For a typical 3m x 3m bedroom a 52’ fan is adequate and additional lighting options may be of benefit as well. The performance of the fan in a standard bedroom setting is of lesser importance as most fans will generate adequate cyclical airflow to keep you comfortable through the night. Some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a ceiling fan for your bedroom are: (1) Does the fan use quality bearings for silent operation; (2) Are the blades engineered to provide effective airflow at a lower RPM – the faster the blades spin, the more “whooshing” noise is generated; (3) Does the fan use high quality copper winding and silicone steel motor parts – these are critical for silent motor operation; (4) Does the fan utilise an adequate mounting system to avoid movement and wobble that can result in ticking and squeaking noises?

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