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Inspired by what's possible and driven by the practical, ThreeSixty Fans is dedicated to providing beautifully designed and premium quality ceiling fans that complement and enhance the amazing Australian lifestyle.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make ceiling fan shopping easier and more inspiring, so you stay comfortable in style. Our ceiling fans are designed and engineered for Australians, by Australians.

Thank you for considering our fans

Our friendly staff are keen to help potential customers to choose a ceiling fan that will satisfy their needs. Our experience allows us to understand what our customers should be looking for to satisfy their particular requirements. Our comprehensive website shows options, reasons and solutions to help avoid disappointment if a wrong fan is chosen and worse still – installed.

Because we are the after sales service agents, we want to help you find the right ceiling fan today, rather than risk a bad choice and having to attend to it later. Making the correct choice avoids having to go through the selection process again. So size, colour and placement are key issues to consider for a happy outcome.

If you have any questions or concerns that are not mentioned in our website, please contact us for helpful and constructive ideas for a happy solution.

Peter Thompson
Founder &

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Helping keep Australians cool since 2003

Originally founded as Crestwind Fans in 2003 to help keep Australians cool, our company has evolved into a design focused, quality obsessed ceiling fan manufacturer catering to customers seeking more than just a ceiling fan.

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We pride ourselves on producing market leading ceiling fans

Drawing from a combined decades worth of experience in the industry, our dedication to quality craftsmanship goes beyond just what is seen. Only the highest quality components and engineering standards guarantees our ceiling fans are built to last. Quality forms the basis of everything we design.

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We're as obsessed with service as we are with fans

Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their ceiling fan. We believe shopping for your new fan should be straightforward. We’ve expanded on the typical ceiling fan industry jargon so you don’t need an engineering degree to understand whether your new fan is going to help you stay cool. Our friendly team is available to assist in any way we can — whether that’s helping you find a new statement piece for your living space or fixing any issues once your new fan is installed — we’d love to hear from you.