Introducing the Spitfire DC Ceiling Fan

Luxurious timber-finish polymer blades coupled with a minimalist, high-performance DC motor for whisper-quiet and energy-efficient cooling.

Our best-selling AC ceiling fan, the Spitfire 60”, is now available by popular demand in DC. The new and improved Spitfire DC ceiling fan is:

  • Available in both 52″ and 60″ blade spans so you have the option to use the Spitfire DC in more rooms.
  • Choose from three stunning timber-finish polymer blades available in Koa, Natural, and White Wash, or a new Matte White option.
  • The slim-line and discreet DC motor is available in Black, Brushed Nickel and Matte White finishes.
  • A stylish 6-speed remote control is included with support for fan light (and dimming), along with fan-off timers and natural breeze mode.
  • Sleek and minimalist 18W CCT LED Light Kit is available with Warm, Cool, and Daylight temperatures.

At a glance…


High volume airflow

High volume airflow at a moderate velocity, for comfortable cooling over larger areas.

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DC Motor

Whisper quiet and extremely energy-efficient DC motor technology

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Luxurious polymer blades

Long-lasting & weather-resistant polymer blades are durable, easy to clean as well as being safer and quieter than metal blades.

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6-speed remote control

Conveniently includes a 6-speed remote control with fan reverse, light control, and with fan off-timers.

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18W CCT LED Light

For those times you need your ceiling fan to also be a light source, a dimmable 18W CCT LED Light Kit is available

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Spitfire DC 52 Matte White Koa 13 1

High Airflow Volume

The Spitfire DC ceiling fan offers high volume airflow at a moderate velocity for comfortable cooling

The Spitfire DC ceiling fan utilises a whisper-quiet and highly efficient DC motor coupled with aerodynamic polymer blades to provide high volume airflow. Moving the air at a moderate velocity, the Spitfire DC moves above average airflow volume, making for a healthy balance between cooling the area and directly below the fan.

Spitfire DC 52 Brushed Nickel Natural 3 1

DC Motor

The Spitfire DC ceiling fan takes energy efficiency to the extreme, using only 30W on high and as little as 7W on low.

Utilising the latest in DC motor technology, the Spitfire DC ceiling fan provides whisper-quiet cooling while using less power than traditional AC ceiling fans. This translates to a highly efficient motor that uses only 30W on high speed and as little as 7W on low speed. The 52″ Spitfire DC ceiling fan has an exceptional airflow volume to power consumption ratio at 447 CMH/W on high speed.


DC motors use pulse modulation to keep the motor turning. Essentially what this means is that it is not constantly driving the motor to spin, it does it with pulses of energy at intervals and is one of the reasons they consume less energy than AC motors.

Spitfire DC 60 Black Koa 2 2

Polymer timber-finish blades

Luxurious timber finish polymer blades

Cleverly crafted all-weather polymer blades offer luxury timber finishes while being easy to maintain, weather resistant and long wearing. Available in Koa, Natural and White Wash timber finishes along with a Matte White finish option.

Spitfire DC 60 Matte White White LED 1 1

6 speed remote control with summer/winter modes, fan-off times and natural breeze mode

The Spitfire DC ceiling fan includes a stylish 6 speed remote control that seamlessly integrates advanced functions into your new ceiling fan, taking convenience to a whole new level.

  • Six Fans Speeds: Always find the perfect setting with the greater freedom of 6 speeds to choose from.
  • Summer or Winter mode: Enjoy year-round comfort with the convenient reversing from the remote control.
  • Fan Off Timer: Conveniently set your ceiling fan to turn off after 1, 4, or 8 hours.
  • Light On/Off & Dimming: For models that include the 18W LED Light, the remote control supports light on/off and dimming controls.
Spitfire DC Remote Control 1
Spitfire DC 60 Brushed Nickel White Wash 4

LED Light

Sleek and stylish 18W dimmable LED light supports Colour Changing Technology (CCT)

The Spitfire DC has an option for a 18W LED Light Kit that includes colour-changing technology (CCT) to allow you to shift between Cool, Warm and Daylight colour temperatures. The LED Light Kit also supports dimming from the remote control handpiece.

Spitfire DC 60 Black Koa LED 17 2
Spitfire DC 60 Matte White Koa LED 5