Sloped Ceiling Kits

This accessory can be used on ceiling fans with 26mm downrods and supports angles up to 40° depending on the model and whether a remote receiver unit is installed. Ceiling fans that use remote receivers will reduce the angle in most ceiling fans. The receiver must be inserted after the ceiling fan is mounted.

IMPORTANT: The sloped ceiling kit replaces the ceiling fan’s ceiling canopy, hanger bracket and hanger ball. A downrod is not included with the Sloped Ceiling Kit, but is shown in the image for demonstration purposes.

  Standard Installation Angles Sloped Ceiling Kit Angles
Model Wall Control Remote Control Wall Control Remote Control
Arumi AC 15° 13° 40° 35°
Aspire AC 30° 25° 40° 35°
Delta DC N/A 12° N/A N/A
FlatJET DC N/A 12° N/A N/A
Flume AC 15° 40° 35°
Kirra DC N/A N/A N/A
Modn-3 AC 30° 25° 40° 35°
Modn-4 AC 30° 25° 40° 35°
Spitfire AC 13° 13° 40° 35°
Trinity DC N/A N/A N/A
Tropicana AC 30° 25° 40° 35°