Sloped Ceiling Kits

The Sloped Ceiling Kits are now available in two models. The standard Sloped Ceiling Kit (SC35) works on all AC ceiling fans and supports up to 35° ceiling angles when a remote control is being used. The new SC45 Sloped Ceiling Kit works on both AC and DC ceiling fans and supports ceiling angles up to 45° with or without remote controls. This accessory can be used on ceiling fans with 26mm downrods.

IMPORTANT: The sloped ceiling kit replaces the ceiling fan’s ceiling canopy, hanger bracket and hanger ball. A downrod is not included with the Sloped Ceiling Kit, but is shown in the image for demonstration purposes. High ceiling slopes will typically need a longer downrod to be purchased in order to safely clear the ceiling.

Standard Installation Angles Sloped Ceiling Kit Angles
Model Wall Control Remote Control SC35-XX SC45-XX
Arumi AC 15° 12° 35° 45°
Aspire AC 30° 25° 35° 45°
Delta DC N/A 12° N/A 45°
FlatJET DC N/A 12° N/A 45°
Flume AC 18° 13° 35° 45°
Kensington DC N/A 20° N/A 45°
Kirra DC N/A N/A N/A
Kute DC N/A 15° N/A 45°
Modn-3 AC 30° 25° 35° 45°
Modn-4 AC 30° 25° 35° 45°
Simplicity DC N/A N/A 45°
Spitfire AC 13° 13° 35° 45°
Timbr DC N/A 12° N/A 45°
Trinity DC N/A N/A 45°
Tropicana AC 26° 20° 35° 45°