Bond Bridge

Smart Ceiling Fans

Make your remote-controlled ceiling fans smart with the Bond Bridge by Bond.

Bond Bridge is a wireless device that connects your remote-controlled ceiling fans to your WiFi network, letting you control all your ceiling fans (both DC and AC with remote control installed) from anywhere via smartphones, tablets, and smart assistants. Once connected, Bond Bridge allows additional integrations via home automation systems and voice controls with native Amazon Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Actions, and Apple Siri.

Smart Home Automation

Turn your remote controlled ceiling fans into smart ceiling fans with the Bond Bridge

Bond Bridge connects your remote-controlled ceiling fans to your wireless network and acts as an interface to allow smart devices, home automation systems, and voice assistants (such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri) to control your ceiling fans.

How Does Bond Work

How does the Bond Bridge make your ceiling fans smart?

The Bond Bridge is able to Read, Remember and Duplicate the radio wave signals of your ThreeSixty Fans remote control handpiece. After a simple setup process, the Bond Bridge learns the functions of your remote control and can control your ceiling fan the same way. Once configured, you can control your ceiling fan through the Bond Home app on your smart device, and further extend the functionality to allow home automation and smart voice assistants to also control your ceiling fans.

Bond Read Remember Duplicate
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Control your ceiling fan from the Bond Home app, from your remote control or from home automation systems

The Bond Home app allows you to control your ceiling fan directly from the app, or through voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. The connection to your wireless network also allows for integration into home automation systems for even greater convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ceiling fans does the Bond Bridge support?

The Bond Bridge supports both AC and DC ceiling fans that are using a remote control. We have thoroughly tested and worked closely with Bond to ensure our ThreeSixty Fan’s remote controls and fans are fully supported by the Bond Bridge.

How many ceiling fans can the Bond Bridge control?

The Bond Bridge can control up to 30 ceiling fans and covers 2,500 square feet (232 square meters) for complete home coverage.

Does the Bond Bridge work with any remote-controlled ceiling fan?

The Bond Bridge is a smart device that can learn most remote control functions; we can not test all options and therefore can not guarantee that the Bond Bridge will work with remote controls outside the ThreeSixty Fan’s range.

Do I need a Voice Assistant device to use Bond Bridge?

Bond Bridge provides integration with voice assistants and home automation solutions however these are optional. You can still use the Bond Home app (available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) to control your ceiling fan.

Can I still use my remote control?

Yes, your existing remote control will still work as normal with your ceiling fan.

What are the requirements for Bond Bridge to work in my home?

Bond Bridge requires a wireless network connection in your home and for your ceiling fan to have a working remote control installed.