Premium Quality

Quality Ceiling Fans

We put a lot of thought into our ceiling fans because you put a lot of thought into your home. Every ceiling fan is designed and engineered to the highest standards and undergoes strict quality control procedures to ensure your new fan will provide quiet and effective cooling for many years to come.

Quality Ceiling Fans Hanger Bracket

Hanger bracket

The hanging bracket for a ceiling fan is a critical part of the fan as it is ultimately responsible for keeping your ceiling fan on the ceiling. That’s why we only source premium hanging brackets.

A large surface area is an essential feature of ThreeSixty Fan’s hanging brackets as this provides extra contact to the mounting surface, reducing potential wobble in your ceiling fan. Electricians often compliment ThreeSixty Fans on the hanging bracket as it is a clear indicator that speaks to the quality of the product.

Further, ThreeSixty Fans only use stainless steel mounting screws to ensure the critical fixtures last the test of time (prevents corrosion of these essential screws).

Quality Ceiling Fans Hanger Ball

Hanger ball

Where possible, ThreeSixty Fans has included nylon hanging balls which better absorb any vibration that may occur in more traditional steel hanger balls. Rather than use a conventional pin through the ball and rod assembly, we use a threaded screw to securely fasten the ball to the rod thus preventing any possibility of the pin creating a “ticking” noise in the fan.

The hanger ball design also has the added benefit of allowing ceiling fans to be mounted safely at an angle.

Quality Ceiling Fans Motor Connections

Downrod to motor coupler

Connecting the downrod to the fan motor are high-quality stainless steel (to prevent any corrosion or future weakness) fixtures to securely fasten the ceiling fan. Set screws are used to keep the fan firmly in place, further reducing wobble.

Quality Ceiling Fans Motor Housing

Motor housing or cover

Motor covers for ceiling fans come in many shapes, sizes and materials. For painted finishes, ThreeSixty Fans ensures that its motor parts are painted both externally and internally for complete coverage and protection from the elements. For metallic finishes, a clear lacquer is applied to ensure a continued lustrous appearance.

All moving parts are dynamically balanced and checked (both vertically and horizontally) to prevent any unwanted movement.

Quality Ceiling Fans Internal Motor

Internal motor

All motors made for ThreeSixty Fans are carefully selected and engineered for a healthy balance of performance and longevity. High-quality copper windings and silicone steel stators ensure smooth, quiet operation. Our premium TPI bearings are permanently lubricated to guarantee long-lasting and whisper-quiet operation.

The electric start/run capacitors used in ThreeSixty Fans are rated to 600v+ to ensure they continue to operate the fan effectively for lifelong performance.

All ThreeSixty Fans motors are quality controlled throughout the assembly process and required to pass strict quality and operational standards before being packaged.

Quality Ceiling Fans Blades


ThreeSixty Fans ensures that all fan blades are set-matched and balanced to within grams to guarantee optimal stability and performance. Only the highest grades of materials are used for long life and performance. Our range of fans includes 316 and 304-grade stainless steels, Aluminium, high-quality ABS injection moulded plastics that are UV stabilised along with ethically sourced timbers.

Quality Ceiling Fans Capacitor


All electronic components that go into ThreeSixty Fans are sourced from reputable vendors that carry VDE certification. This ensures lifelong operational stability and electrical safety is assured and applies to all electrical connections and controls used by ThreeSixty Fans in our products.

Strict quality control

At all stages of the manufacturing process, ThreeSixty Fans employs local agents to monitor and test all aspects of the production to ensure every fan that our customers receive is the best it can be. These include electrical (high voltage test to find any possible leakage), motor noise testing, earth leakage testing, visual inspections to UL standard on painted and plated finishes, final assembly inspection. These tests are carried out and supervised by third-party inspectors employed by ThreeSixty Fans to ensure factories are held to the high standards we expect in our products.

Local Australian Support

As a commitment to our customers, ThreeSixty Fans stand by our products with a 3 Year Onsite Warranty that is handled by our in-house support team. No call centres, ThreeSixty have knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions and personally handle any difficulties that may arise. With a network of electricians, we can provide prompt, reliable service when you need it.