FlatJET (3/4/5) 52″ (132cm) Black 5 Blade DC Ceiling Fan with 24W CCT LED Light & Remote Control



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The 52″ FlatJET (3/4/5) DC ceiling fan in Black with 24W Dimmable CCT LED Light (5 Blades) will contrast with common interior colour shades for a bold statement or complement decors with dark fixtures and fittings.

  • 52 inches (132 cm) blade span is an excellent choice for medium-sized spaces such as standard bedrooms and living rooms, mid-sized alfresco areas, etc.
  • High-performance model moves 15,942 CMH on high speed (197 RPMs) and 3,819 CMH on low speed (71 RPMs). Guaranteed to keep you cool on those hot summer days.
  • Whisper-quiet DC motor uses only 40 W on high speed for an efficiency rating of 399 CMH / W and as little as 4 W on low speed (955 CMH / W).
  • Polymer moulded blades are quieter than metal blades, corrosion-proof, UV stabilised, easy to maintain, weather resistant and long-wearing.
  • Includes a 6 speed remote control with summer/winter modes and fan-off timers.
  • Includes a 24W dimmable LED light with CCT support for Warm, Cool & Daylight temperatures.
  • Supports ceiling slopes up to 12° as standard – accessory is available for higher slopes.
  • Supports summer & winter reversing modes (toggled from remote control).
  • Can be installed on ceiling heights 2.4m and higher.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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52" FlatJET DC Ceiling Fan in Black with 24W Dimmable CCT LED Light
This item: FlatJET (3/4/5) 52" (132cm) Black 5 Blade DC Ceiling Fan with 24W CCT LED Light & Remote Control
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FlatJET (3/4/5) 52″ (132cm) Black 5 Blade DC Ceiling Fan with 24W CCT LED Light & Remote Control

Crisp modern lines coupled with a high-performance and low-energy motor, the 52″ FlatJET DC ceiling fan effectively delivers power, control and comfort that perfectly complements contemporary Australian living (indoors and outdoors). Thanks to its unique modern design, powerful air movement, feature-packed remote control and power-saving DC motor the FlatJET ceiling fan raises the bar on form and function where it matters.

  • Cleverly supports 3, 4 or 5 blade installation so you can choose the perfect style and aesthetic for your space. With five blades included in every fan, you can freely choose between 3, 4 or 5 blade installation options.
  • Class leading DC motor engineered with long-life components optimised for Australian power systems to guarantee cooling for years to come.
  • Carefully engineered with a high performance motor and aerodynamic polymer blades, the FlatJET provides exceptional airflow.
  • The DC motor takes energy efficiency to the extreme, using only 40W on high and as little as 4W on low.
  • The super thin profile motor design contrasts impressively with the aerodynamic blade design to make an impressive statement in any contemporary decor.
  • The FlatJET’s aerodynamic blades are made of a high grade ABS plastic that ensures highly efficient airflow.
  • The ABS injection moulded blades are corrosion proof, UV stabilised ABS, easy to maintain, weather resistant and long wearing.
  • Energy-efficent & dimmable 24W LED Light is available with colour-changing technology (CCT) so you can choose between Warm, Cool and Daylight temperatures.
  • Always find your perfect speed with 6 settings to choose from, along with three timer functions, and fan reversing.


The FlatJET DC ceiling fan offers powerful cooling coupled with amazing energy savings

The FlatJET DC ceiling fan utilises a high performance DC motor and aerodynamic polymer blade design to provide high volume and high velocity airflow. The aerodynamic blade design allows the FjatJET to move more more air at lower RPMs, so your ceiling fan will keep you cool with less “whooshing” blade noise at lower speeds.

RPMs on High
52" FlatJET in Black + LED (5 Blade)
Standard 52" Fan
CMH on High
52" FlatJET in Black + LED (5 Blade)
Standard 52" Fan
Airflow - Breeze
Strength of breeze on high speed.
Airflow - Volume
Amount of airflow (CM/H) on high speed.
What type of airflow suits you? Read our Ceiling Fan Performance Guide


The FlatJET DC ceiling fan takes energy efficiency to the extreme, using only 40W on high and as little as 4W on low.

Utilising the latest in DC motor technology, the FlatJET ceiling fan provides high torque motor performance while using less power than traditional AC ceiling fans. This translates to a high-performance motor that uses only 40W on high speed and as little as 4W on low speed. The FlatJET DC ceiling fan has an exceptional airflow volume to power consumption ratio at 361 CMH/W on high speed.

Watts on High
52" FlatJET in Black + LED (5 Blade)
Standard 52" Fan
CMH/W on High
52" FlatJET in Black + LED (5 Blade)
Standard 52" Fan

Fan Running Costs

Calculate the approximate cost of running your ceiling fan based on your electricy rates and usage. Included in the tool are average rates per state. For the most accurate results, enter your cents per kW/hr electricity rates as per your electricity provider.

Choose your state below or manually enter your cents per kW/hr rate:


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Make a bold statement with the Black finish or keep things subtle and discreet with the Matte White finish.

The FlatJET ceiling fan is available in both Black and Matte White finishes to suit a range of modern decors and styles. The ultra modern design of the FlatJET lends itself to most contemporary and open living aesthetics in Australia and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The powder coated finish helps resist the elements, while the all-weather polymer blades will never rust or corrode.


Aerodynamic aerofoil blade design for powerful airflow

The FlatJET DC ceiling fan’s aerodynamic blade design utilises a varying blade pitch to provide sweeping airflow directly below the fan and sweeping outwards from the fan. Crafted from polymer (a high grade ABS plastic), the blades provide highly effective airflow. Each injection moulded blade is corrosion proof, UV stabilised, easy to maintain and weather resistant. This means the FlatJET’s blades will continue to look stunning for years to come.


24W dimmable LED light with CCT support for Warm, Cool & Daylight temperatures

The FlatJET (3/4/5) now has an option for a 24W LED Light Kit that includes colour-changing technology (CCT) to allow you to shift between Cool, Warm and Daylight colour temperatures. The LED Light Kit also supports dimming from the remote control handpiece.

  • Power: 24 W
  • Lumens: 2,375 lm (3000K) / 2,780 lm (4000K) / 2,540 lm (6500K)
  • Temperature: Warm (3000K) / Cool (4000K) / Daylight (6500K)
  • Dimmable: Yes

Remote Control

6 speed remote control with summer/winter modes and fan-off timers

The FlatJET DC ceiling fan includes a stylish 6 speed remote control that seamlessly integrates advanced functions into your new ceiling fan, taking convenience to a whole new level.

  • Six Fans Speeds: Always find the perfect setting with the greater freedom of 6 speeds to choose from.
  • Summer or Winter mode: Enjoy year-round comfort with the convenient reversing from the remote control.
  • Fan Off Timer: Conveniently set your ceiling fan to turn off after 1, 4, or 8 hours.
  • Light On/Off & Dimming: For models that include the 24W LED Light, the remote control supports light on/off and dimming controls.

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Additional information

Size & Weight
Blade span

52 inches (132 cm)

Height (ceiling to blades)

29 cm

Weight (installed)

9 kg

RPMs (High)


RPMs (Med)


RPMs (Low)


Airflow (High)

15,942 CMH

Airflow (Med)

12,288 CMH

Airflow (Low)

3,819 CMH

Efficiency (High)

399 CMH / W

Efficiency (Med)

647 CMH / W

Efficiency (Low)

955 CMH / W

Power (High)

40 W

Power (Med)

19 W

Power (Low)

4 W


Remote Control (Available), Remote Control (Included)




Indoor, Outdoor

Motor Type




Ceiling Height

High, Low, Standard, Very High

Blade Material


Minimum Ceiling Height



Yes (Remote Control)

Ceiling Slope


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
FlatJET (3/4/5) 52″ (132cm) White 5 Blade DC Ceiling Fan with 24W CCT LED Light & Remote Control

Great fan which looks good, whisper quiet and with great airflow.
Accessories also purchased allowed this to be installed on a steep gable roof.
Quick delivery too!

FlatJet lives up to the "Jet" name

I replaced my 3 old AC 90 watt motor 3 blade Arlec fans with the 5 blade DC 42 watt motor FlatJet fans. The new fans blow much much harder than the old fans and at less than half the power consumption. Also, there is no more noisy AC hum coming from the new fans. My wife and I are glad I bought these FlatJet ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner.

John Robinson
Good looking

Smooth and quiet and great air Flow

Great Fan

Great fan, very quite and moves a a lot of air. highly recommended

Cam B
Works a treat

Quiet operation. Good speed control, Installer said easy as to do.